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5 Best Craft Breweries in Miami, FL

J Wakefield Brewing

J Wakefield Brewing is an independently-owned craft brewery and taproom. This bar is the leading craft beer supplier of sour beers in the Southern Region of the United States. They make class beers that don’t always fit the norm. They craft traditional styles while utilizing local and occasionally sudden ingredients, as well as, barrel aging abilities to give these styles a unique twist and depth of character. Come in and taste their Stush, Hop for Teacher IPA, Union Jack Porter, El Jefe Hefeweizen, Hazelnut Coffee Imperial Wheat Stout, and many more today.

Abbey Brewing Company

Abbey Brewing Company is award-winning, hand-crafted beers, friendly service, and a down to Earth atmosphere. They are one of the oldest bars in Miami, it has the old-world charm of a traditional European pub. They opened their doors for the first time on Miami Beach in late June 1995. The Abbey Brewing Company, with its full-bodied beer recipes, is taped into the local market of down-to-earth intelligent people who are looking for a small intimate place to chill and have a thoughtful conversation over a delicious hand-crafted beer.

The Tank Brewing Co.

The Tank Brewing Co. is one of a native passion for brewing honest, expertly crafted artisanal beer using only the finest ingredients from mash to tap. Every drop is crafted with a unique passion for creating beer of only the highest quality. From the purity of the water to the extensive care taken in curating ingredients to every step of the brewing procedure, every detail is adhered to with the pure love of beer in mind and it can be tasted in every sip, bold, and unpretentious. They’re proudly brewed in the heart of Miami.

Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen

Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen is invented by two recovering accountants turned hospitality entrepreneurs and aimed at showcasing Melbournian hospitality. They focused on a deliberate and comfortable environment serving quality beer, and quality food with friendly, professional service in a relaxed atmosphere.

With the addition of a very deliberate, high-quality, and beer-focused menu, they are aiming to take something truly unique to the South Florida beer market. The beer menu is fresh and will change regularly showcasing a global providing of beer styles, of course including some great Southern Hemisphere style beers.

Tripping Animals Brewing Co. – Doral

Tripping Animals Brewing Co. – Doral is independent and family-owned and they wanted that energy to permeate and be the soul of the brewery. They began brewing beer out of their garage in Caracas, Venezuela, making a wild mixture with whatever they could get their hands on and stoking the flames of their passion for craft beer. After years of traveling to breweries all around the world and experimenting with different types of brewing, the crew took a leap of faith and moved to Miami to follow the next chapter of their brewing careers.