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The best creations come from unique combinations. Our story is living proof. After all, how often do a couple of home brewers get together with a cigar industry vet to start a craft brew company?

Our team’s mash up of different cultures and backgrounds can be tasted in our work, where different influences and ingredients come together to create more unique tasting brews.

What we stand for

T he Tank Brewing Co. is about one thing and one thing only: exceptional craft beer. Our story is one of a homegrown passion for brewing honest, expertly crafted artisanal beer using only the finest ingredients from mash to tap. We call it ‘liquid innovation.’ Every drop is crafted with unparalleled passion for creating beer of only the highest quality.

From the purity of the water to the extensive care taken in curating ingredients to every step of the brewing process, every detail is adhered to with the pure love of beer in mind – and it can be tasted in every sip. Bold. Unpretentious. Proudly brewed in the heart of Miami. Let’s raise a glass to the true craft of craft beer.

“Let’s raise a glass to the true craft of craft beer.”

the team

Carlos Padron
Matthew Weintraub
Head Brewer
Victor Castro
Sales Director
Mohsen Saade
Lead Brewer
Joshua Gonzales
Miami Sales Manager
Stefano Medina
Marketing Manager
David Lipman
Pompano & Palm Beach Sales Manager
Erik Durr
Assistant Brewer
Ahmed Fernandez
Cellar Person
Jack Plasencia
Assistant Cellar Person
Jannette Ribas
Executive Assistant
Caki Padron
Brand Ambassador
Mike Anguera
Finance Analyst
Nicole Linares
Tasting Room Manager / Event Coordinator.
Emily Rodriguez
Lab Technician

Great beer can yield great ideas. Let’s put our quality time to good use and brew up some seriously good ideas –

one sip at a time. No phones, no distractions. Just an open forum with a beer in hand and the mind running at full speed. So let’s kick back and let our beers be a catalyst for good conversation, good times and good company. Just pick a topic and let the ideas flow.

“Just pick a topic and let the ideas flow.”